What Does Your Front Door Colour Say About You

Choosing a colour for your composite front door can reveal a lot about your personality, style and even your mood. It can convey different messages to those that come knocking on your door. For example, bold and bright colours can suggest warmth and creativity, while a more traditional colour may imply a sense of serenity and sophistication.

This article will explore how colours are represented and how the front door colour you choose can reflect your personality.


A white front door can be the perfect canvas against bright, bold seasonal flowers, making it a popular choice if you value your kerb appeal.

As the colour white has been associated with peace and cleanliness, it can give the impression that you have a busy lifestyle and seek calmness and simplicity when returning home.


Grey is stylish and versatile in colour, yet it implies stability and security, making it a perfect choice for a front door.
As the grey interior has been trending for many years, it suggests that you live in a contemporary household and like to look and feel good in your environment.


Due to 10 Downing Street’s iconic black door, the colour black is associated with wealth, power and authority.
A black front door colour may imply that you’re rather sophisticated, have a strong independent personality, and ultimately values privacy.

That said, black doors are a popular choice for bars and nightclubs. Therefore, perhaps instead, you’re the life of the party and love to play host.

Nevertheless, a black door is classy and perfect for traditional townhouses or Victorian-built homes.


Blue is often a colour used to promote peace and tranquillity. It’s often a popular colour choice for those closest to the coast due to its connection with water.

Deciding on a blue front door can give the impression that you’re calm and soothing in nature. You may also be the sort of person that prefers a casual interior instead of a more extravagant, luxurious style.


While many cultures associate deep purple with royalty, others associate purple with spiritual enlightenment. Nevertheless, this rich, fabulous colour is luxurious and powerful, to say the least.

A rich purple front door can portray you as an unconventional person with an open mind and a big heart. As it’s a mystical colour, it could be a great choice if you’re spiritual, enjoy meditation or have a home-based tarot card reading business.

On the other hand, choosing a lilac or violet colour implies that you have a creative and energetic personality. You like to fill your home with different tones and textures, giving it an artistic feel.


Green is heavily associated with Mother Nature. Therefore, a dark green front door colour may suggest you are family orientated and nurturing. What’s more, you’re eco-conscious and appreciate what nature offers.

As green is associated with luck, it could also mean that you’re an exciting individual that doesn’t shy awake from taking risks.


Here’s a little historical fact: painting your front door red in Scotland indicated that you had paid off your mortgage. Did you know that?

Not only does a red door signify you’re financially stable, but it can also give the impression that you have a fiery personality and are full of energy. As well as this, you enjoy being the centre of attention and often volunteer to be the host.


Pink is such a playful, romantic and cheerful colour, for sure.

Choosing a pink front door colour can imply that you’re an affectionate and caring person. You have a niche for bringing people together and making everyone in your circle feel valued.


An orange front door practically yells out for attention. It’s so bold that visitors will be able to spot it with no problem, which is perfect if you live in an area where your house is notoriously tricky to find.

An orange door gives the impression that you’re a warm, inviting individual and a natural optimist that likes to be surrounded by people with similar positive energy.

Also, since looking at the colour orange is believed to make people feel hungry, it suggests that you enjoy treating people to your delicious homemade comfort food.


You will forever be known as the one with the yellow door – no one forgets a yellow front door as it is simply joyful to look at.
Did you know the colour yellow even has the ability to release serotonin, the ‘feel good’ chemical?

With a sunshine-yellow composite door, you give everyone that comes knocking a warm, friendly and quirky vibe. As your personality is so fun and uplifting, everyone will leave your home feeling great.